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Loans Education CenterHaving a good financial education is crucial today. No one wants to spend an indebted life and take loans just to cover other loans. Direct Loans Lenders is a promoter of responsible financial habits. We strive to provide the basics of personal loans, money savings, credit score.

General Loans Information

Online Loans – Complete guide on APR, fees, penalties, interest, charges.

Do you know how to calculate APR for payday loans? What about the fees that are associated with installment loans? What credit score borrowers need to qualify for low APR personal loans? Learn more in our complete guide on APR, fees, and charges for online unsecured loans.

The Do’s and Don’ts when borrowing money.

The variety of loan offers on the market can be confusing. What are the main rules to follow when borrowing money?

Don’t have money to repay a payday loan? What about an Extended Payment Plan?

An Extended Payment Plan allows the borrower to pay back the loan in smaller parts, within a longer period. Contumers may request EPP on the last business day before the loan due date. Find out more!

The A-to-Z guide on payment options for payday loans.

A Full Payment for a loan is the best option! Is there any alternative, if the borrower can’t pay off a loan on time? Let’s check this out.

Consumers Safety

Did you face illegal actions from a lender? Submit a complaint!

Find out where you can complain about fraud, hidden penalties, deception or lender threats. Submit a claim and take legal actions now!

What is predatory lending? How to spot out dishonest lenders?

The term “Predatory Lending” is popular nowadays, but what does this mean? We will explain how to protect yourself from shady lenders, abusive loans and other deceptive actions?

What is responsible lending and borrowing?

Find out the basics of responsible lending. Learn how to become a responsible borrower and make your life easier.

What is irresponsible financial behavior?

Do you want to know what exact actions lead you on the way to bankruptcy? Click here and learn all about Irresponsible financial behavior. The more you know about these actions, the easier it will be for you to avoid them.

Careless borrowers. Why don’t they care about their finances?

Do you spend more than you get and live exceeding your monthly budget? It is never too late to stop and change your spending habits.

How to protect from debt collector’s harassing actions?

Borrowing money is always a risky thing when you are not sure about how you will be repaying back the loan. But even so, nobody should accept harassing actions on behalf of a debt collector. Find out how you can protect yourself!

Credit Tips

How to order a free credit report?

Did you know that you can request your credit report for free once in every 12 months? Moreover, this will not harm your credit score in any way! Here is a concise tutorial on how to get your free credit report!

How to find mistakes and fix them on your credit report

Credit reports are an important aspect to consider when reviewing your financial situation. But what can you do if it has mistakes in it? DLL will help you out with this step by step tutorial.

Best 7 ways to pay off any loan faster

Does being indebted to various banks and lenders scares you? If yes, we offer you top 7 methods on how to pay off any loan twice faster.

Short term small loans vs. Long-term personal loans

Should you choose a short-term or a long-term loan? Which one is more appropriate for your own needs and what are the differences between them?

How to boost the credit score in 10 simple steps

Are you sick and tired of getting bad credit loan offers and want to start borrowing money under better conditions? Then give your credit score a boost, by following these ten precious suggestions from our experts!

Payday loans alternatives. The best way to save money!

Sometimes you may find yourself needing money so much that the only solution seems to be a payday loan. DirectLoansLenders’ experts have prepared a list comprising the best payday loans alternatives!

Useful Resources

Useful links

A list of government and non-profit organizations websites selected by our experts.

Glossary of Loan Terminology

There are different types of loans available and many people are confused by the terminology and meaning of some of them. We have provided a simplified guide to the most common loans available.